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Name: Pete Meaney

Rank: Captain Dr.

Position: Chief Medical Officer/Second Officer

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About Me


Please state the nature of the Medical Emergency!! Hello fellow crewmates. As you all know, I'm a doctor with many other talents! Bricklayer, baker, chef, botanist, handyman, party animal, shoulder to cry on ... the list goes on and on.

Onboard the Cuchulain, in sickbay, with new recruits coming on board almost everyday ... away missions ... needless to say that it's never a quiet day.


Favourite Trek moment:  Gosh! Umm ... far too many to pick just one: The Borg queen's entrance in 'First Contact'; when Voyager finally got home; the crash sequence of the Enterprise from 'Generations'; Voyager's EMH as the ECH taking command of the ship; and propbably when the EMH tells Janeway to "get in line" for a holo-graph (hologram autograph) of himself.


Favourite Character: Again too many to choose, but if I'm at phaser-point to answer, I'd have to say Dr Beverly Crusher (Gates Mc Fadden) or the EMH from 'Voyager'.

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