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Airsoft Outing 15th of December, 391st the Banshees





Destination Star Trek @ the London Excel Arena


Last month the XO and Communications Officer were at Heck Con, A tribute convention to Heck who was well known for RPG’s in the RPG community. Sadly he had passed away from cancer, but his friends and the NCI anime and RPG society got together to make this a reality, money raised was toward Cancer Research, and over 3000 euro was raised a phenomenal amount for just a small convention with a big heart!


We were very surprised to see that Artemis was set up which involved two ships allied together flying around the galaxy taking out any threat. There were other RPG’s and card games on show and being played, as well as Xbox and Playstation set up, Truly a lovely convention that we hope to see again and attend once again with more people.

uss cuchulain


Some of the crew of the USS Cuchulain were lucky to go to Destination Star trek in London on the 3rd of October. The two Communication officers ,  Our ships Counsellor as well as other crew members took the USS Cuchulains’ Waverider to London, where a great weekend was had, many of us met Colm Meaney AKA Chief Miles O’Brien, William Shatner, Levar Burton an many more trek stars.


One of our Comms officers presented Levar Burton with a USS Cuchulain com badge, he was very honoured to have received it and we hope it brings him the luck of the Irish!

Not to mention that some of the crew went to the two parties, one to the official Sar Trek one in the FOX bar, where James Darren sang the way you look tonight. The other part of the crew briefly attend the USS Rikers’ Beard party, where fan based props were built including captains chair (TNG Style), transporter panel and transporter pad.


Destination Star Trek was undoubtedly one of the highlights for the Cuchulain crew, we hope to have a bigger contingent arrive at the following one!

Heck Con @ National College Ireland...

Upcoming Star Trek Events

Destination Star Trek

The crew of the Cuchulain and its Marine branch The Banshees descended upon the Hive Indoor Airsoft site for games and tactical manoeuvres. Along with the help of Johnny Kenna from Na Taibhse (Irish for ‘The Ghosts’)

instructed us on some very useful tactics when airsofting, from sneaking around the enemy to procedure on entering a room with hostiles. We played games from holding the fort to moving a pretend bomb into enemy territory, Kind of like search and destroy but with Trekkies .




The 391st Banshees are now playing airsoft games weekly, keeping the SFMC (Starfleet Marine Corp) going strong even on Irish soil. This way of gaming creates great comradery as well as team building and having plenty of fun!

Many more airsoft gaming nights to come….

-Comms Team out!



Dublin Comic Con USS CuChulain Summer Party