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Starfleet is now in Ireland. Welcome aboard the USS Cuchulain NCC 61922, a Nova Class ship, a chapter of Starfleet International and part of Region 20. Originally brought to us by Captain David Chapman and Alan O'Shea, a few friends meeting together to create something bigger and better. We now have a vibrant community of more than 60 active crew members from across the country both North and South of Ireland. We meet in Dublin on a regular basis and have away missions across the country and further afield to lots of events.  


Our main emphasis is on having fun and the enjoyment of Star Trek and all Sci-fi. We work closely with our friends in the Region and other community fan based clubs such as the 501st Ireland Garrison a Star Wars Fan group.


Why not sign up to Starfleet international and join the Cuchulain!


In the words of a wiseman (Capt.Picard)

‘’Make it so’’


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